Practical resources

To accompany the ‘Innovations in Practical Work’ series of publications, SEP worked in collaboration with Mindsets to produce a range of related practical resources.

Major items of practical equipment developed:

  • Energymeter
  • Seismometer System
  • Optical Signal Transmission Set
  • Analogue/Digital Transmission Set

Other examples of resources developed include:

  • Charge Indicator
  • Colorimeter Box
  • Colour Wheel Kit
  • Doppler Effect Unit
  • Flywheel Unit
  • LED Strip
  • Light Sensor
  • Mini-Hotplate
  • Mini-Turbine
  • Motor/Generator Unit
  • Muscle Wire Demonstration Kit
  • Novel Materials Sample Pack
  • Peltier Cell Unit
  • Plastics Sample Pack
  • Radcom A: Light
  • Radcom B: Microwave Radiation
  • Radcom C: Radio Waves
  • Radcom D: Infrared Radiation
  • Radcom E: Infrared Signalling
  • Seismometer Modelling Kit
  • Solar Power Set
  • Steady State Bottle Kit
  • Supermagnets Test Kit
  • Vibration Detector
  • Water Heater
  • Waves and Radiation Sample Pack
  • Wind Turbine
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