It has been an enormous privilege to work as series editor of the ‘Innovations in Practical Work’ publications and to have collaborated with so many creative and talented authors, designers and teachers.

My thanks go to the core SEP team of Miriam Chaplin and Sam Holyman (writers), Dee Halil (communications officer), Carolyn Pitkin (administration and proofreading), Michael Captain (organisation of school trials and evaluations), Alexander Jones, Tom Parsons and Phil Tetlow (technical support), Amira Val Baker (resources officer), Dan Taylor (design) and Karim Rkaina (website). The team at Mindsets supported us in developing and marketing the practical resources, and for contributing the photographs and drawings for the publications: John Cave, Lorraine Moor, Peter Stensel, Joseph Birks, Glyn Richards and Adam Bernard. Other authors who contributed were: Ian Bradley, Peter Campbell, Martin Carr, Paul Denton, Mark Huckvale, Philip Johnson, Alexander Jones, Ian Lawrence, Averil Macdonald, Kathy Maskell, Sandra Martelli, James Steele, Charles Tracy, Jez Turner and Alun Vaughan. Many people helped with other support and advice, and particular thanks go to Sandra Amos, Stuart Bullen, Chris Butlin, Chris Chapman, Steven Chapman, David Lussey and Anne Martyn.

We were greatly encouraged by the expressions of enthusiasm we received from so many teachers about the resources – it was this that made the work worthwhile. In particular I should like to thank the teachers who were involved in school trials and provided detailed feedback: Shamaila Akram, Graham Armstrong, Geoff Auty, Matthew Baker, Hazel Banfield, Andrew Barkley, Valerie Barlow, Matthew Barrie, Helen Bell, Joanne Bolton, Julie Boyle, Sophie Brace, Mehar Brar, Michael Brimicombe, Stephen Burrowes, Simone Byrne, David Challoner, Gary Chester, Danny Clift, Karen Collins, Pari Collis, Marian Collum, Carole Cooper, Sarah Craft, James Davies, Kevin Davies, Kate Davis, Gillian Finan, Richard Fitzpatrick, Marion Frankland, Sarah Freestone, Allana Gay, Chris George, Sarah Glover, Angus Gregson, Sandra Harte, Steve Hearn, Peter Hill, Michelle Hughes, Dave Jones, David Kearns, Sue Kendall, Kingston Koo, Kate Lee, Sarah Lee, Pauline McAdam, Vaila McClure, Louise McCullagh, Jackie McGillicuddy, Stewart McKane, Sue McKen, Louise Mead, Susan Millins, Edwin Mitchell, Garry Monger, Brenda Mustoe, Rob Newton, Lynn Nickerson, Paul Nuttall, Ray Oliver, David Patterson, Dawn Perry, Christine Pointing, Sarah Purdy, Robert Ratford, Julie Rees, Mark Richards, Hannah Robinson, Paul Roobottom, Elaine Rosemond, Louise Salter, Mike Sands, David Sargeant, Douglas Sinclair, Pamela Sinclair, Marcin Slaski, Chris Spielman, Keith Strachan, David Swinscoe, Fiona Tait, Ben Thompson, Clare Thomson, Catherine Thow, Sally Thurlow, Daz Twigger, Jenny Watts, Jean Wheeler, Julian Whitehead, Mary Whitehouse, Susan Wilkinson, Tina Wilkinson, Sarah Woods and Alun Yorath.

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