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Teaching about energy: workshop materials

This website presents a set of training materials based on research into the nature of teachers’ transformations of two innovations in the teaching of energy. One is the large scale introduction of the concept of 'energy transfers' in the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The other is the smaller scale curriculum development project 'Energy and Change'.

The training materials provide activities to enable teachers to learn about the innovations and about the nature of the research into their implementation, and to take account of these ideas in their own implementation of the innovation.

These workshop materials are intended to support trainers in developing workshops for teachers to help them understand the innovations and the research, and to implement these ideas in their practice. A suggested structure is that there are two workshops, the first introducing the ideas and providing opportunities for teachers to consider these in relation to their existing practice. They plan and evaluate a trial lesson, which forms a focus for the second workshop in which they plan further work.

Richard Boohan
Fani Stylianidou
Jon Ogborn

The Overview summarises the nature of the innovations, the results of the research into how the innovation has been transformed, and the rationale and the structure of the training materials and workshops.

The Trainers' Guide gives further information about the innovations and about the research, about how to organise workshops and provides notes to accompany the activities for teachers.

Teachers' Workshop 1 provides activities for looking at current practice, learning about the innovation, reviewing the research and planning trial lessons.

Teachers' Workshop 2 provides activities for evaluating trial lessons, studying research in more detailed and further implementation of the innovations.

The Resources section includes the downloadable briefing sheets for trainers and activity resources for teachers.
All of the materials used on these web pages and in the downloadable resources (trainers' guide, briefing sheets, activities for teachers, activity resources) can be downloaded as a single document.
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