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Science Teacher Training in an Information Society
Teaching about energy



Nature of the innovation
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Introduction to Trainers' Guide

The Overview section at the beginning of these materials gave some brief information about the nature of the innovations and the research, and about the workshop materials. These ideas are expanded on below with references to the trainers’ Briefing Sheets and the teachers’ Activity Resources where more information can be found. These notes also address the rationale of the workshops, the aims and structure of each workshop, and include detailed notes on the individual activities.

In STTIS's research framework any act of communication is necessarily transformative. Communications are not simply 'received' but are re-made, re-constituted, transformed by the receiver. The project's main objective is to investigate science teachers' transformations of educational innovations.  Small-scale intensive studies in the participant countries have led to the elaboration of some rules of transformation of innovation and in the development of relevant materials for teacher training. Further information about the STTIS project can be found in Briefing sheet 1 ‘About the STTIS project’.

The training materials presented here are based on research into the nature of teachers’ transformations of two innovations in the teaching of energy. One is the large scale introduction of the concept of 'energy transfers' in the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The other is the smaller scale curriculum development project 'Energy and Change'. 

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