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STTIS is a cross-national project, which was funded by the EU Commission under the TSER (Targeted Socio-Economic Research) program for the period December 1997- February 2001. 

The project's main objective is to investigate science teachers' transformations of educational innovations.  Small-scale intensive studies in the participant countries (France, Italy, Norway, Spain and UK) have resulted in the elaboration of some rules of transformation of innovation and in the development of relevant materials for teacher training.

STTIS research in the UK falls within the following three distinct but related areas, and there is a research report for each area.

  • Using informatic tools - the nature of the use made by science teachers of informatic tools such as computational modelling and simulation; 
  • Reading images - the difficulties involved in teaching and learning graphic representations such as the ones that appear in popular science textbooks on the topic of energy; 
  • Implementing curriculum innovation - the transformations which occur when teachers implement innovative teaching strategies, such as the change from 'transforming' to 'transferring' energy which first appeared in the recommendations for the teaching of energy of the 1989 Science National Curriculum for England and Wales and the smaller scale innovation introduced by the 'Energy and Change' project. 
As part of the STTIS research, each of the participant countries has produced workshop materials to support the training of teachers in using the innovations. For the UK there are two sets of workshop materials: In the UK, the STTIS research was carried out by Prof. Jon Ogborn (Co-ordinator of STTIS in the UK) and Fani Stylianidou (Research Fellow) at the Institute of Education, University of Sussex. Richard Boohan (The Open University) acted as a consultant on the writing of the workshop materials.